Welcome to FeKTA

Innovating, sustainable & efficient.

2023 brings together a merge of three established companies……

GRE Assets, Kempton & Alexnder and LTR Welding.

Our vision is to utilise our expansive knowledge of the industry, combining design, fabrication, installation & management across multiple industries.

With a legacy rooted in construction, we bring integrity, passion & precision to every project.

Together FeKTA will strive for a future where innovation meets sustainability, delivering exceptional products, projects, values & services.

Three Pillars

How you do anything is how you do everything

Quality is at the heart of FeKTA, its serves as a backbone, ensuring consistency, standardisation, reliability, and excellence with all our projects.


Concept & Detailed Designs


In-house services through the workshop


Proven QA systems to ensure quality.

Who we have worked with
GRE Group

Other businesses within the group.

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